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Warehousing with complex rules or simple Location Control?

Warehousing is used to describe all the features required to Put away, Pick and to ensure that stock is located accurately and correctly assigned to customer orders.

Location Control is used to record where stock went and was retrieved from.

In either requirement has experience of setting up and running several Stockroom/Warehouse configurations, including;

  • Palletised Static Drive-in Racking
  • Gravity fed Racking
  • Double deep Racking
  • Carousels
  • Shelving
  • Single site, Multiple Stockroom
  • Multiple Sites, Multiple Stockrooms
  • External 3rd Party suppliers

In some cases the Warehouse software has not supported the business rules required for Put away and Picking so alternative solutions have been identified, customised and implemented without changing the original software.

By utilising Barcoding, RF Technology and Integration tools solutions have been put in place that follows the working practices of the user to provide the stock accuracy and accountability required by the business. has experience of setting up and configuring Warehousing and Location control solutions from;

  • New locations
  • Revamping existing sites
  • Overlaying existing solutions
  • Integrating process and systems with external Warehouse suppliers

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