C-4-B Breakfast Networking

NHS request upgrade of more legacy dot matrix printers to to desktop Thermal Zebra TLP2844Transfer printers using SabreFDI without modifying any software.

Free SMS Appointment Reminders sent using SabreFDI, and Hospital Trust’s Exchange Server, connected to the NHS WAN, using NHSMail’s free service.

There were a number of industry shows and events over the last month to review current players in the Automation Systems arena with Pick to Light, Voice and Conveyor Solutions.


As well as looking at the latest printing and scanning devices there were plenty of services on show for the Warehouse. Mobile solutions where also prevelant and with the current fuel price systems tracking vehicle movement combined with dedicated applications. 

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Version 2.7
 Integral mForms® released 29 May 08.

 Enhanced Security;
Data Base Encryption
Communication Encryption
LDAP support

New devices;
8100 Pearl
8300 Curve

Device Management
Solution Performance
Single Server
Windows Vista