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Use mForms to extend your databases out into the mobile work place. Where ever you need to capture data and enter this into a database then mForms is the tool to build an application for your workforce to carryout their tasks.

Deploy the same application on several platforms at once, Tablet PC, Win CE, Blackberry, and Pocket PC.

Combined with GPRS your data can be entered on the move and your back office systems updated in real time. Applications which require little code and which transmit only the data that has changed. With no screen repaints, companies can save thousands of pounds in GPRS charges.

mForms comprises:

Communications Server
This application sits between your databases and your mobile users, providing the connectivity between your systems and your people. Each enterprise requires at least one copy of Mobile Server.

This PC-based application is the industry-leading Forms designer which gives you unlimited flexibility to design the forms to access your systems.

This application sits on each device and is the prerequisite for loading forms.

Embed GPS, with TomTom Navigation, make use of device readers and Bluetooth printing directly from within your application. The latest mForms Release supports Blackberry devices over the Enterprise Server (BES) to include device security and device management.

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See how easy it is to create an Integral mForms solution

Blackberry 8800
Smart  Phones

Version 2.7 of Integral mForms® released 29 May 08